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Written By: Tuen - Jul• 25•07

Woah!  I can’t believe I’ve managed to get this wordpress blog up and running, and on my own apache web server too!  I had only recently tried running my own web server, then I installed php and finally mysql.  And I was looking for a blog template when I found wordpress.  Can you imagine my delight at finding a package that ran almost right out of the box on my setup?  Great feeling.

 I did have some initial problems installing and getting wordpress to run.  For those of you who are technical, two particular problems came up.  One was that I had to figure out how to make index.php the default file to be served, instead of index.html.  The other was that I had this error which said that mysql was not installed in php?!  Well it turned out that I was using the newer extension mod_mysqli and I had to enable mod_mysql as well.  I hope having them both on won’t cause any problems!

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  1. Jerome says:

    i cant believe u made a blog.. well now i talk in a very hard to read language i make all my sentences have at least 1 number in it like this
    1 1ik3

  2. Jerome says:

    wh4t d03s th3 w0rd proc4st1n4t0r m34n?

  3. Tuen says:

    Stop writing like a clown

  4. Tony says:

    Excellent blog. So, my suggestion about buying the Claritas media centre may be a good idea now especially with the 1TB disk space. :)

  5. Jean says:

    Nice! Welcome to the blogging world. So far, I see you are keeping it pretty up to date. Looking forward to more. Will hyperlink yours to mine too.

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