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Mary’s Aunt

Written By: admin - Jul• 31•07

image004.pngFrom: Maiser@mailserver.tuenproductions.com [mailto:Maiser@mailserver.tuenproductions.com] On Behalf Of Anthony Chong Sent: Tuesday, 31 July 2007 9:31 AM To: Stephen Chua’s Cult Subject: RE: Mary’s Aunt

We’re very sorry to hear that.
We’ll be praying for her.

From: Maiser@mailserver.tuenproductions.com [mailto:Maiser@mailserver.tuenproductions.com] On Behalf Of Justin Tan Sent: Tuesday, 31 July 2007 12:30 AM To: Stephen Chua’s Cult Subject: Mary’s Aunt

Hi people,
Mary’s aunt in Singapore is very sick, and the doctors have given her only a few days. Can I request for prayers for her? Her name is Margaret Ho. Mary is very close to her and is even considering flying back. Please pray both for Margaret as well as for Mary as she tries to decide whether or not to fly back.

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