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Baby Croozer

Written By: admin - Aug• 22•07

Self PortraitBack in Singapore, when we had our first batch of kids, once in a while I would see a caucasian riding a bicycle and pulling one of these cool baby trolleys behind. I was into mountain biking those days (still am, but more lethargic nowadays) and had always wanted one of those baby carriers. But they were expensive and in Singapore, there weren’t that many places you could cycle with a baby carrier behind: and they most likely are illegal on Singapore roads. Well the kids grew up real fast and I missed my chance. I had forgotten all about my missed chance when baby Ren was born and we moved to Melbourne. Then one day, I passed by a bicycle shop and I saw a baby carrier (called a croozer) on half price sale.  I knew almost right away that this was my second and most likely final chance to pull one of my kids in these cool bicycle strollers- and so I bought myself one and haven’t regretted it.

I took the baby out for a short ride to Norton park today, as the sun was out and the skies clear.  Oh, without fail, he will fall asleep whilst in the croozer.  I took some photos:

Baby asleep in the strollerCroozer and BikeBaby on tree stump

(Photos taken with my Treo mobile phone; not very sharp)

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  1. ozlady says:

    Good on u for grabbing that opportunity!!!

  2. christina says:

    cool man….

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