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Blog Milestone

Written By: Tuen - Aug• 23•07

Today, my blog passed a milestone (kilometrestone?).  For the first time, I’ve received a comment from a non-family/relative/friend.  Ozlady’s blog was one which I stumbled upon when looking for plugins for my blog and whose blog I found interesting because she’s an Australian lady living in Singapore, whereas I’m a Singaporean living in Australia.  Anyway, I left a comment on her blog some time ago, and today, she left one on mine.  Now those seasoned bloggers out there must be rolling their eyes wandering what the big deal is; but since this is my first proper blog (I’ve actually been on mblog for years, but posted mainly Treo photos and hardly ever received a meaningful comment), it is quite a big deal, more so for the fact that it has changed my own attitude towards this blog.  Up until today, I still viewed the blog as a form of private diary to be shared with family and friends, although of course, I know it’s on the world wide web.  But still it takes a comment from a stranger to really knock home the realisation that my thoughts can be seen by anyone.  The idea is both exhilirating (where’s the spellcheck on this blog?) and frightening at the same time.  But I guess I have been moving towards this stage anyway, as during the last few days, I removed my privacy settings, allowing the blog to be searched by Google, and even implementing some Google ads, just to see if this blog can generate any form of revenue… :) .

Thanks Ozlady!

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  1. ozlady says:

    You are most welcome… and I have found your comments about comparing lives in Singapore and Australia most interesting.

    Funnily enough, while you seem infuriated by the lack of democracy in Singapore (it’s socialist democracy, but I knew that moving here), whereas I feel that nothing gets done in Australia as there is too much democracy (and heaven forbid we end up like the US, who we in Australia, as a nation, seek to copy).

    Enjoy your blogging and embrace your new outlook!

  2. Tuen says:

    I do see your point, and in fact, tend to agree somewhat, although I think Singapore is more extreme in its lack of democracy than Australia in its having too much democracy. A movement towards the centre by both nations should be good yes?

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