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Crappy Harvey Norman Warranty Repair 2

Written By: admin - Aug• 09•07

This is getting incredible. Harvey Norman finally asked me to bring the machine down and the technician (Anant, a nice chap) discovered that the power switch wasn’t seated properly. 2 minutes later, the machine was up and running. Fine. I thought that was the end of this story and happily brought my system home. You guessed it. Once home, I started up the machine and everything went fine for the first few seconds. Then the fan started whirring up real loud (which sucks for a media centre machine). Never mind I thought. Let’s see if quiets down later. Well the machine continues to load and suddenly, after about 5 minutes, it just shuts down! This happens numerous times. It looks like it’s an overheating problem and it looks like I’ll be seeing Anant again. Sigh.

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