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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Written By: admin - Aug• 26•07

I’ve finally finished reading the last book in J K Rowling’s hugely successful series. Don’t worry, no spoilers in this post. I can’t remember why I started reading Harry Potter; I think it was to see what the fuss was all about, with so many Christian groups condemning the book and its author (and most of those with such views never read the book). I’ve noticed, if my recollection is accurate (I read the first Harry Potter book years ago) a gradual change in Rowling’s writing style. I think the initial books were truly in the children’s book genre, but as the series progressed, I felt that the plots matured and the final books seemed to try to straddle both children’s and adult’s genres. I found the final book really good, with a well planned plot and pretty good tidying up of all the loose ends (unlike Michael Crichton; I tell myself to stop reading his books because of all the loose ends and abrupt endings to his otherwise good beginnings and main body in his stories).

The Harry Potter series is one of the few ‘paper’ books I read. The other series being the Wheel of Time, by Robert Jordan. This is because there are no eBook versions for these books. I have mostly stopped reading ‘paper’ books because I find reading eBooks so much more convenient. I download the book into my Treo, and I can read anytime, anywhere, in the dark at night without having to switch on the light and disturb Mary, whilst waiting in the car for the kids, whilst on the tram or train, whilst on holiday. It’s really so much easier to carry a mobile phone with you anywhere, than a book, especially a hard backed one. And because it’s so much more convenient to read from my Treo, I find that I’m reading a lot more than before the days of EBooks. And nowadays, the number and range of eBooks available on the web are huge. I get my books mostly from Fictionwise and eReader.com.

One of my dreams is to one day write a book. Unfortunately, I lack the literary skills of the fiction writer. Sigh.

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