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Melissa takes a long drive

Written By: admin - Aug• 12•07

Today, Melissa had a bowling competition at Frankston, which is almost 40km away. It was inconvenient for any of us to send her so far, so I decided that she should try to drive herself there, even though she has never been to that place and it was unfamiliar. So last night, I taught her how to operate the GPS navigator and made her follow the directions to various places I randomly selected on the navigator, pointing out the quirks of the NAVMAN system, which can be very misleading at times, when you only listen to the voice prompts and don’t look at the map on the screen. She did ok and today, I sent her out on her own.

She was told to call us when she arrived, and she gave us a bit of a scare because she conveniently forgot to do so. I must have called her 4 times before she finally answered her mobile to assure us that she arrived safely and did not encounter any problems. Whew! Well, this is quite a milestone, because now, she should be confident in finding her way to places she has never been to before.

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One Comment

  1. Tan Chok Kian says:

    Melissa needs to be more careful.
    You can cause a lot of unnecessary worries to your parents.

    Pass this message to her to note.

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