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Photos at the Holy Spirit Church – Fr. Fossion’s funeral mass/dinner on Aug. 2 2007

Written By: admin - Aug• 14•07

Fr. Fossion was my parish priest when I was growing up and attending mass at Holy Spirit Church. To me, he will always remain in my memory as THE parish priest. He was a very kind man and gave his whole life to God. He had a very sharp memory and could recall names and faces after only one meeting. He could be grumpy and impatient at times, but he was very much loved by his parishioners. He passed away in Singapore recently, and I think he was over 90 years old. I shall miss him. I have removed the photos from the email below and posted them to my photogallery. Click here to view them.

From: Veronica Khoo [mailto:vkhoo@singnet.com.sg] Sent: Monday, 13 August 2007 5:48 PM To: Tan chok Kian; ‘Antoinettetan Tan’; Justin Tan; natalia tan; Alice Wong; tony chong; ‘Loh Poh Ying’; AngieKS; Eileen Khoo; Evelyn Khoo Subject: Fw: Photos at the Holy Spirit Church – Fr. Fossion’s funeral mass/dinner on Aug. 2 2007

Some pictures taken by my friend during Fr. Fossion’s funeral mass/dinner
on Aug.2, 2007.
Maybe the Australian Singaporeans at Melbourne still can recognize some of the priests/bishop. The new faces are the “big shots” from
Mongolia- Fr. Fossion’s “pet country”. He was based there for quite a number of years. The money collected all go to the Mongolian church, that’s why the Bishop of Mongolia is here in Singapore.

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