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Crappy Harvey Norman Repair 3

Written By: Tuen - Sep• 12•07

The saga continues.  It is now 2 months since I first sent my HP media centre PC to Harvey Norman for repair.  (see my previous posts: http://blog.tuenproductions.com/2007/08/09/crappy-harvey-norman-warranty-repair-2/ and http://blog.tuenproductions.com/2007/08/03/crappy-harvey-norman-warranty-repair/)  The latest is that I called Anant and he told me that the subcontractor repairing my machine was waiting for a part.  He then said he would call me back, but he didn’t.  So far, he’s only returned my call twice out of about 8 calls to him.  Never mind, I called him instead, and he then said the part has indeed arrived and I should get my machine back either the next day (Friday) or on Monday.  So of course, I hear nothing on Friday and I call him on Monday.  He says he will call the subcontractor again to check.  He then calls me back and tells me that well, actually, the part didn’t arrive and they are still waiting for it.  To pacify me, he said he had emailed the repair centre’s manager to complain.  We’ll see where that leads us.  I’m still counting the days.

So here’s another observation.  The people in Australia are very friendly and polite, and there’s always a smile and a conversation that goes along the lines:

“Hey, how’s it going?”

“Good, thanks, how about you?”

“Oh, not too bad.  My, that’s a cute baby.”

etc.   All this with a smile whilst she scans and packs your groceries, despite there being a long queue.  And no one seems to mind, even those in the queue, which is great.

In Singapore, the checkout girl, if you are lucky, may give you half a smile lasting a fraction of a second, but that’s rare.  There will be mostly silence whilst she scans and packs your groceries, and if you smile and say hi to her, she’ll most likely stare at you wondering if there’s anything wrong with you.  But you know what?  She’ll probably finish the queue in half the time it takes an Aussie checkout girl. 

So whilst I appreciate very much the friendliness of the Aussies, and I dislike the unfriendliness of Singaporeans, I can’t help but appreciate the efficiency of Singapore, especially when faced with crappy service like from Harvey Norman.  Maybe it’s just in the computer arena.  So far, I’ve experienced a few computer repairs.  The fastest took 2 weeks to repair.  My sister’s Acer computer took about a month, and they still couldn’t repair it at the end of that period.  She went back to Singapore and got her Acer notebook repaired within 2 hours!  And of course, my HP media centre PC has been out for 2 months.

So what’s up with the computer repair industry in Australia?!  Are they shipping the items to India or what??