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Kite Flying at Jells Park Again

Written By: Tuen - Sep• 30•07

We went kite flying at Jells Park again yesterday.  This time everyone was there except for Melissa.  As usual, she was late and drove herself to join us, but lost her way; and we didn’t have a lot of time, so we told her to go straight to the New Royal Garden restaurant to meet us there for lunch instead.

But that was not the only hiccup we experienced.  I normally keep a kite in the boot of the car, and this we took out at the park.  It was only then that we realised that one of the sticks was missing, and we could not assemble it properly.  The kids were quite creative though, and started searching around for sticks lying on the ground that were about the correct size.  In the end, we put the kite together this way, and had a good time flying it.  Not bad for a kite held together by a twig!


Full photoset is here:


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