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Kite Flying at Jells Park

Written By: Tuen - Sep• 13•07

Today, Mary had a lunch appointment with Maggie, and left baby and I to our own devices.  Well, at least she packed lunch for us before she left.  So I decided to cycle to Jells Park taking baby in the Croozer with me.  I brought along a cheap kite I found in the garage. 

As usual he fell asleep on the way there, which was a good thing, because although the temperature was a nice 22 degrees celcius, the wind was blowing so strongly that it felt very cold.  So whilst baby slept in the comfort of his Croozer, I took my lunch and enjoyed the nice view.  After he awoke and I fed him his lunch, I decided to try flying the kite.  Back in Singapore I used to enjoy kite flying at East Coast Park, but since arriving in Australia, I had not had a chance to go kite flying.  So today was a good opportunity, and with such windy conditions, it was perfect for kite flying.  In fact, the wind was a little too strong for the cheap kite I brought along, and it didn’t stay up very long before being forced down to earth by the strong winds.  Baby had a good time as well; but I didn’t manage to get a photo of him holding onto the kite string.  In fact, in my attempt to get the camera ready and in trying to pass him the kite string, I accidentally let go, and that was the end of the kite.  I did manage to retrieve it, after it crashed through a tree, but its spine was already broken.  Oh well, it was fun whilst it lasted.  The next time, I’ll use a better kite!

Lunch in the CroozerKite in the SkyPointing at Ducks

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  1. Alphonsus says:

    haha dad, I just realised your writings very simplistic :P and you use alot of “In fact”

  2. Tuen says:

    And this from someone who starts his sentences with lower case and leaves out apostrophes.

    My Engrish is rather powderful, so you don’t pray pray understand! I still your father know!

    So admittedly, there were two ‘in facts’ in the last paragraph. I’m not good at narrative writing, that’s why I can’t write fiction. I’m much better at rants and philosophy! :)

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