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Lawn Mowing Philosphy

Written By: Tuen - Sep• 05•07

I mowed the lawn today.  So why is that interesting enough for me to blog about?  Well it got me thinking:  We’ve just officially come out of winter, and I realised that the last time I mowed the lawn was in Autumn.  I didn’t need to mow it at all during winter; well, it was getting a little overgrown towards the end of winter, but not enough to get me into the cold to tackle it.  Today’s temperature wasn’t so cold, and I felt a little guilty not having mown the lawn for 3 whole months, so I dragged myself out to get it done.  I still need to trim the edges tomorrow.  Sigh.

But thinking about it, it’s quite fascinating how slowly the grass, and other vegetation grow during winter.  I also have a vegetable patch, and the veges seem to be in hibernation!   But this rate of growth gradually increases till in the middle of summer, I find I have to mow the lawn every two or three weeks. 

For me, that’s one of the major attractions about living in Australia (no, not mowing the lawn!).  We get four seasons and the climate changes throughout the year.  In winter, we can look forward to the warmer months, and in summer, we look forward to cooler weather to come.  This opportunity to look forward to a change in the weather makes life here, for me, more interesting, more exciting and gives me a sense of expectation, and a sense of momentum.  I feel I’m moving forward, and somehow, making progress.  Well, of course that also means I feel myself ageing, but hey, you win some and you lose some!  :)

Back in Singapore, I never had the changing seasons to look forward to.  Every day was hot and muggy, and you knew that next week, next month, next year, it would still be hot and muggy.  Somehow, I found that rather depressing.  It made me feel stagnant; caught in an unchanging situation.  Of course, that was just a feeling.  The kids still grew up, the bills still needed to be paid, and I still did age in Singapore.  I guess we did look forward to Christmas, and Chinese New Year, but that was only once a year.  Not having the four seasons to look forward to, I think is one of the biggest misfortunes for those living in the tropics.  You somehow lose the sense for the cycle of life.

ps. I can’t resist this addition: Maybe that’s why some people in Singapore think they can govern forever!