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Meta Tags and Autometa

Written By: Tuen - Sep• 16•07

As I gradually immerse myself more into the world of blogging, I’m discovering more technical stuff about blogs and their structure.  One thing that seems to be a priority for most bloggers is getting their blogs high in the ranks of major search engines like google.  The term SEO has been coined and it means Search Engine Optimisation, which basically means to optimise your site so that it is more likely to be ranked high by the major search engines.  This high ranking could mean increased business for commercial web-sites.

For a blog, I guess having more people know about and read your posts is something every blogger desires.  So who am I to reject this trend?

I’ve just installed Autometa, which is a plugin which helps to automatically create meta-tags and technorati tags for each of my posts.  This is supposed to help the search engines index my blog site favourably.  Well, let’s see if it works.  This post in fact, is a test post to see if the tagging plugin works.

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