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Who moved my cheese?

Written By: Tuen - Sep• 28•07

It’s interesting that since my Dad arrived, we have been to two places in Victoria that we had heard about, but had not yet gotten around to visit.  His visit was the catalyst we needed to get out of our routine and do something different.  I guess life can become routine, and we need to make the effort to do different things, visit different places, meet new people, learn new things etc.  I can just imagine that if my Dad hadn’t come to visit, we might have passed these two weeks of school hols without making the effort to go see some of the beautiful and interesting places and events which Melbourne and Victoria have to offer.  After all, this was one of the reasons we came to live in Australia; to be able to travel and have a holiday without having to spend a fortune on airfare (we have 8 in our family remember?)  So I hope there will always be a catalyst in our lives to spur us on to new things and new discoveries and new growth.  Oftentimes, we are afraid of change in our routine, but without change, there is no new growth, and without growth, are we not dead?

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