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Chapel Concert

Written By: Tuen - Oct• 16•07

We went to watch Wen’s concert tonight, which was held in the school chapel.  I have attended a number of her concerts before, and especially when held in school, they are not strictly ‘concert’ quality, and the setting and atmosphere reflect as much.  But the chapel concert is different, and the acoustics in the chapel lend the whole event a much more ‘concert like’ ambiance.  Well, we didn’t know that; and brought baby along.  Surprisingly though, he was pretty well behaved and didn’t really make much noise that might have interfered with others’ enjoyment of the concert.  We were quite amazed that he kept up the good behaviour and sat through almost 2 hours of what must to him have been very boring classical singing and music.  And to think he’s only 2 years and 4 months old.  But I was pretty stressed out most of the time, keeping one ear on the music and one ear on monitoring his sound level!  I think this is the last time I bring him to one of Wen’s concerts!  At least until he’s a little older. 

The concert itself was pretty enjoyable, though a bit long.  Here’s a video of Wen’s item, which was the opening item of the concert:

Download Video

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  1. christina says:

    always nice to see my god-daughter in action….she’s looking more and more like a young lady….can’t believe she’s actually PSLE age …..ah…will soon see her face to face :)

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