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Harvey Norman Warranty Repair Saga

Written By: Tuen - Oct• 26•07

Yesterday afternoon, I sent my HP media centre down to Notebook Depot for the warranty repair of my computer.  It seems Notebook Depot is Harvey Norman’s extended warranty repair contractor.  I had waited in vain for the extended warranty people to call me and I called them back to check on what’s taking them so long to get a claim number from Singapore.  I know from experience that Singapore does not take more than a day to handle such claims, in most cases.  The lady I spoke to could not find any record of my original call and request for warranty service, but she did manage to find records for the first time I sent in the computer for repair.  So she tells me that this should be considered a recall and not a new case and that I should send it to Notebook Depot with the original claim number.

This is the 2nd recall and fourth time I am sending this computer in for repair.

Let’s see what happens next.

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One Comment

  1. steve says:

    im sorry to hear!!! i used to work at notebook depot in hawthorn for 2 yrs, and there always on top of things but its sometimes the parts that is a pain, they are either dead on arrival ot just crappy secondhand parts which the vendor supplies. Do your self a favour and dont buy crap from harvey norman or any other retailer. i suggest you buy from a generic supplier that will build these unit for you, apart from laptops. and if you were to buy a laptop, buy yourself a corporate/business machine, less failure rate and non crappy parts are used than the reatil models they sell such as harvey norman.