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Jie’s Job Interview

Written By: Tuen - Oct• 04•07

I sent Jie for his job interview with Coles today.  He claims he did well and that Coles would like to take him on if not for the fact that he cannot start working right away, and had requested to start in November.  The interviewer said they would have to consider his request and get back to him later today or tomorrow.  Well let’s see what happens.

Both Melissa and him applied online to Coles at the same time, but Coles came back very quickly to Jie, but has not yet come back to Melissa.  Understandably, she’s pretty miffed about that, especially since she’s older.  They both had to do an online cognitive test, and Jie scored 97% whereas she scored 69%.  That’s probably why they haven’t contacted her.  So, is this another indication that guys are just generally more cognizant than girls?  :)

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