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Lunch with George

Written By: Tuen - Oct• 09•07

On Sunday, we were invited by our neighbour George and Yoon for lunch.  Mary, myself, Gern and baby went over about 1pm and met some of George’s and Yoon’s friends.  We also met their 2 daughters and sons in law.  The lunch was quite pleasant, although most of their friends were from one generation before ours. 

I had always found George to be a very nice and friendly, unassuming neighbour.  He’s also very helpful.  But yesterday, I found out a side of him that was quite unexpected.  In his younger days, he had actually run for public office (City council) and he had even taken a course to learn how to build a house and actually built his own house which he sold for a profit!  Very impressive.  It brought to my mind the idiom: Still water runs deep.


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