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More Seeds Sown

Written By: Tuen - Oct• 29•07

On Saturday, I sowed more baby carrots and spring onions because from the latest batch, very few seeds germinated; I’m not sure why. 

The first batch of carrots has almost all been harvested.  They didn’t seem to  be as sweet as those bought from the market.  It could be because they were organically grown, or because they had stayed in the ground too long due to the snail attack. 

I also removed the support from the flower carpet roses so that they would grow as a ground cover.  They look horrible at the moment, but I hope that in a few weeks, they will have grown out nicely.  I will need to prune some of them soon.  Here’s a photo so I can compare it to later, if they grow out well.  If not, I’m going to dig them all out!

Flower Carpet roses

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