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Visit to New Zealand – 1

We arrived in New Zealand yesterday around 6.10pm (NZ time) after a 3 hr and 20 mins flight.  Baby was fine on the flight, and didn’t give any trouble.  He was enjoying the Wiggles on his video screen.  The Lims picked us up from the airport and brought us to their home, where we would [...]

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Baby’s First Train Ride

On Monday, we decided to take a train into the city.  After the events of last Thursday, when we had such great difficulty finding parking for Melissa’s Speech Night, Mary decided that she should try the train system here.  Since arriving here, she had not had the opportunity to take the train, which was one of [...]

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Sr. Elizabeth Visits

Sometimes, it’s really such a small world.  When we first arrived in Melbourne, we found our way to St. Christopher’s Church where we met a Singapore Cannossian nun, Sr. Joy, who has been living in Australia for over 20 years.  It turns out Sr. Joy knew our Catholic Juniour College teacher and spiritual director, Sr. [...]

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Sacre Coeur’s Speech Night

Last evening, we attended Sacre Coeur’s Speech Night, because Melissa had received a study award.  It was for Religious Education.  I guess she was a little disappointed because she had been hoping to receive an award for Further Math as well.  It says something about our attitudes, doesn’t it, when we consider a study award [...]

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Baby does the Boobah dance

My sis posted this video of baby on Youtube.  He’s so cute!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b3TqWV5kSrI Oh, I can’t embed the video in the blog.  For some reason, my sis disabled embedding. 

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catherinelim.sg » An Open Letter to the Prime Minister

Bruno referred to this blog post in an email he sent.  It’s worth reading, including the comments by its readers: catherinelim.sg » An Open Letter to the Prime Minister

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Abortion law reform in Victoria

Today is the last day for submissions to the Victorian Law Reform Commission, which has been tasked to review the abortion law in Victoria.  The current state government is planning to decriminalise abortion, and has asked the Law Reform Commission for its recommendations.  The parish has been asking church members to consider making submissions and [...]

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Window Guard

Today, Shane from Sunguard Essendon finally turned up to apply a security film on the guest bedroom and toilet windows.  We had a bit of an incident with a flying beer bottle almost a month ago (see http://blog.tuenproductions.com/2007/10/13/reckless-endangement/). After that incident, my sis felt it was important to try and have some sort of protection [...]

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Melbourne Cup Losses

Today is Melbourne Cup day.  The Melbourne Cup is reputed to be the race that stops a nation.  Well there’s a lot of truth in that.  At least, it stops a State if not a nation; it’s a public holiday in Victoria today. We aren’t normally into races, or sports betting.  The only time I [...]

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Golf at Morack