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Baby’s First Train Ride

Written By: Tuen - Nov• 21•07

On Monday, we decided to take a train into the city.  After the events of last Thursday, when we had such great difficulty finding parking for Melissa’s Speech Night, Mary decided that she should try the train system here.  Since arriving here, she had not had the opportunity to take the train, which was one of the reasons why she wasn’t keen to take the train into the city last week.  And since she needed to head into the city anyway, to buy something from a Catholic book store there, we decided that it would be a good opportunity for her to take her first train ride here.  So of course, we brought baby along, and he seemed to have had a good time. 

It was a fun afternoon, but really hot, with 36 degree Celsius temperatures.  We had lunch at Melbourne Central shopping centre and walked around a bit before heading for the Catholic book store and getting what Mary needed.  We are heading for New Zealand on Saturday to attend our godson’s first holy communion, hence the gift from the book store.


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