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Melbourne Cup Losses

Written By: admin - Nov• 06•07

Today is Melbourne Cup day.  The Melbourne Cup is reputed to be the race that stops a nation.  Well there’s a lot of truth in that.  At least, it stops a State if not a nation; it’s a public holiday in Victoria today.

We aren’t normally into races, or sports betting.  The only time I allow the kids to gamble is during Chinese New Year.  But during our first Melbourne Cup last year, I decided that since it was a public holiday, and since most of Victoria went crazy over the Melbourne Cup, I would allow the kids to bet on the races just for this occasion.  So that’s what we did last year.  Of course, we didn’t actually go down to the races, but we bet through the Internet and watched the races on the telly.  Having a bet on a horse in a race makes it much more exciting to watch, and the kids were hopping up and down cheering for their picks. 

I’ve been considering actually going down to the races, but I think we might feel pretty out of place if we did actually go to the Melbourne Cup.  The event seems to be a very traditional event, and everyone there appears (from the television scenes anyway) to be dressed extremely fashionably with fancy hats and jackets and ties and what not.  If I were to attend the event, I wouldn’t know how to dress, apart from a boring lounge suit.  Somehow, a Chinese guy just doesn’t look right in a bowler hat.  :)

Anyway, this year I let the kids bet again.  This time, having been in Australia much longer now, and being plugged into Australian life through their schools, they were much more aware of the Melbourne Cup, and Ian had already told me he wanted to bet a few days ago.  Well guess what?  Everyone lost, and Ian lost the most. 

One thing I learned from today’s event is to make sure the kids sign off on their bets.  They bet on 3 races today, and for the first race, I had made them sign their ‘betting forms’.  I was actually doing this for fun and I didn’t bother with the second and third races, due primarily to a lack of time.  They were taking so long to pick their horses that it was almost race time before they finished.  True enough, when I finally calculated the winnings, or I should say losses, Melissa disputed my record of her choice.  She claimed that she had put $1 on a win and $2 on a place for one of the horses in race two, whereas I had gotten it the other way around.  Well I gave her the benefit of the doubt (it was only a difference of $1 in the end) but swore in future to make them sign off every betting slip! 

It was an enjoyable afternoon.  Maybe next year, we’ll actually go down to the races for a look see.


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  1. Natalia says:

    hey, I remember that I was the only one who made money last year!

  2. Tuen says:

    Yes, that’s right. You just missed it this year. You could have been the only one again! The kids’ losses are pretty big this year.

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