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Golf at Morack

Written By: Tuen - Nov• 05•07

This morning, I had a nice round of golf with Tony, Henry and Mike.  It was pretty enjoyable, considering that it has been quite a while since any of us played a round, and for Tony, it was his very first foray onto a golf course.  He didn’t too badly for a first timer, but understandably, and with the pressure of slowing us down, he stopped after nine holes and went to the driving range instead. 

Talking about slowing down, it’s interesting to note the differences between golf in Singapore and Australia.  In Singapore, everyone is in a hurry, and you feel very pressurised to move fast when you happen to lag behind the group in front.  I think we take this attitude to Australia, so that we, or at least I, feel a bit of pressure when we start lagging the group in front.  But actually, at all the 4 or 5 previous occasions I played golf at Morack, not a single person ever suggested or indicated that they were impatient with our speed.  Now I just need to let myself feel comfortable about not rushing just because the group in front moves fast. 

All in, a very enjoyable game followed by a good lunch at Rich Mahal.  Pity I forgot to take some photos.  Anyway, we probably will do this again, especially after Tony gets a few more chances at the driving range.

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