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Ming’s School Interview

Written By: Tuen - Nov• 01•07

On Thursday, Ming had his acceptance interview with the registrar of St. Kevin’s.  We were told that because his two older brothers are already students of the school, he would most likely be accepted as well.  Still, we were a bit nervous about the interview.

But the interview went quite well, and I was pretty impressed with Ming’s answers and responses to the few questions that the registrar asked him.  Ming presented himself well, did not appear too nervous and answered questions smartly and coolly.  The registrar was quite impressed with Ming’s school reports and the results of his AIM standard test.  He even recommended that Ming should try the scholarship test and take advanced math when he enrolls at St. Kevin’s in 2009.  He more or less said that Ming would be accepted, and a letter of confirmation would follow.  I must say that recalling his older brothers’ interviews, Ming seemed to have done better than them.

At the end of the interview, the registrar threw him a sudden math question, asking him what 24 x 4 was.  Both Mary and I were startled and we thought he would ‘stuff it up’.  At that moment, because we were all caught off guard, I couldn’t quite get the answer in my head immediately, and I feared neither would Ming.  But he came through within 3 seconds to give the correct answer!  The registrar was most impressed.  (Aussies are not generally known for their agility in mental math, no insults intended, just an observation).

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