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Sacre Coeur’s Speech Night

Written By: Tuen - Nov• 16•07

Last evening, we attended Sacre Coeur’s Speech Night, because Melissa had received a study award.  It was for Religious Education.  I guess she was a little disappointed because she had been hoping to receive an award for Further Math as well.  It says something about our attitudes, doesn’t it, when we consider a study award for Further Math to be more important than one for Religious Education?  :)

The Chongs also attended because Cassie also received an award, for music, and Isabel had to be present because she was performing in a musical item. 

The events leading up to the Speech Night are worth recounting in detail, if only to get them off my chest.  The speech night was held at the Melbourne Town Hall.  I had originally wanted to take a train down, because Flinders Station was just a short walk away from the Town Hall.  But for reasons which I shall not divulge (it’s a sensitive topic, if you know what I mean) we ended up driving down.  We dropped the girls off at 7pm at the Town Hall, and then proceeded to try and find our way to the car park indicated by Sacre Coeur in their invitation letter.  I depended on my GPS navigator for this.  Unfortunately, when the GPS is surrounded by tall buildings, it tends to get things wrong, and we couldn’t find the indicated carpark.  So we decided to just try any nearby carpark, as it was approaching the 7.30pm start of the speech night.  The first carpark we entered had a sign that said it would close at 8pm.  No good.  We tried to get out but were held up at the exit gate for almost 10 minutes because some other bloke had lost his ticket or something like that.  The next carpark we tried, we saw a sign that said it would close at 7.30pm sharp!  All these miserable signs were inside, after you entered the one-way entrance, requiring us to take a miserable ticket, manoeuvre around the carpark, validate the ticket and get out from the exit point.  By this time, it was almost 7.30pm.  We were getting desperate and frustrated, so much so that when Mary, who was driving, tried to make a hook turn earlier (another ridiculous feature of Melbourne city traffic), she got confused and almost made a U-turn instead.  That was a close call.  Anyway, we finally managed to find a car park that closed at 10pm, and walked to the Town Hall about 8 minutes late.

Soon after we arrived, the Chongs arrived!  So they were late too.  Here’s a bit of history:  My cousin has been contemplating buying a GPS as well, but has not done so because he felt that his wife, the human GPS, was a better navigator than the electronic GPS.  Well it seems the human navigator couldn’t easily find the Sacre Coeur indicated carpark as well!  :)   I mention this because I was chided for not bringing the Melways into the car.  So this at least vindicates me because even with the Melways, we wouldn’t have been able to easily find a carpark.  Driving in Melbourne city simply stinks, whether you use a GPS, human navigator, or the Melways.

Oh, and I had to leave early from the event, and miss Isabel’s performance, just to be able to get the car out of the carpark by 10pm.  And it cost me $34 for the two and a half hour parking slot!

Suffice it to say, in future, we will most likely take a tram into the city.

OK, end of rant.  Below are the videos of Cassie and Melissa receiving their awards, and of Sarah and Wen’s performance:

Download Video

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  1. Natalia says:

    You should have asked your smart sister who would have advised you to park at Southbank and walk across the bridge to Flinders St Station. I parked there for about 3 hours and it cost me $8. If so many of you going downtown, it would still have been more convenient to drive as the interval of the train departures at night is about 1/2 hourly. And Wen, doesn’t your choir know any other songs? And was Ren the one taking the video? It was so shaky! :-)

  2. Tuen says:

    You will be surprised to learn that we didn’t bring baby. We left him behind with the 3 boys!! But Jie did a good job of looking after him.

  3. Tony says:

    We parked at Latrobe street and it cost us $10 for 2.5 hrs and this carpark was opened till 12am. We also couldn’t find parking initially. What a nite, for parking, that is. sigh

  4. Tuen says:

    I received this correction from the human navigator :

    Justin, you owe me an apology!!!! This human GPS was not lost. We didn’t have a copy of the Sacre Coeur indicated carpark and therefore wasn’t looking for them at all. I had hoped to park near Chom Chom and then take a short walk but all the roadside parking was full…all Russell St and along Lonsdale St where the bulk of roadside parking is. So we had no choice but to look for any multi-story carpark and at no time were we lost! And….. we did better too as we paid only $10 and that allowed us to park till midnight..Ha Ha…just had to rub it in.


  5. christina says:

    I was smilling all the way while reading your posting….great and amusing one….

    Gosh …$34 for 2 and half hours for parking. And who was always laughing at us for paying to park our cars. Yes yes…I know what you are going to say…it’s like this only in the city. But still….did the car park paint their signs with gold or what????

    What??? You all have Chomp Chomp too…anything like ours???? :)

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