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Sr. Elizabeth Visits

Written By: Tuen - Nov• 18•07

Sometimes, it’s really such a small world.  When we first arrived in Melbourne, we found our way to St. Christopher’s Church where we met a Singapore Cannossian nun, Sr. Joy, who has been living in Australia for over 20 years.  It turns out Sr. Joy knew our Catholic Juniour College teacher and spiritual director, Sr. Liz, very well, and was, in fact, her teacher.

It happens that Sr. Liz is on a visit to Australia these few weeks, and today, we organised a lunch at our home for her, Sr. Joy and Fr. Pat (Fr. Pat had met Sr. Liz before as well).  It was a very pleasant gathering, and exchange of memories and news updates from Singapore.  The nuns are not above a little harmless gossip now and then :)

From here, Sr. Liz will be making her way to Sydney, where she will meet up with Karen.


(Sr. Liz’s veil was blown off by the wind just before these photos were taken…  wink)

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