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Visit to New Zealand – 1

Written By: Tuen - Nov• 25•07

dsc00042.JPGWe arrived in New Zealand yesterday around 6.10pm (NZ time) after a 3 hr and 20 mins flight.  Baby was fine on the flight, and didn’t give any trouble.  He was enjoying the Wiggles on his video screen.  The Lims picked us up from the airport and brought us to their home, where we would be staying for most of our trip.  It was really nice to catch up with them again, after such a long time.  Baby took to Tim and Erica very quickly, and was soon following them around and playing with them.

This morning was Tim’s first Holy Communion, the main reason why we flew to NZ in the first place.  The mass was pretty nice and there was quite a large crowd in church.  The priest actually banned photography during the mass, but many of us, including myself, ignored that instruction :) .  After the mass, there was a cosy reception with food and drinks.  The celebration wasn’t all that different from mass in our parish in Melbourne, and we didn’t feel out of place.  We got to meet many of the Lims’ friends in church as well as at the Barbie which the Lims organised in the evening for us. (More details on Jean’s blog:  http://jeanmervin.blogspot.com/)

It’s been an excellent start to our trip and we look forward to the next few days.


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  1. christina says:

    Timmy is so grown up. Jon couldn’t recognize him and Baby looks like Ming to him! Sucking his thumb eh?Sign of a superkid.

    So don’t forget to make the necessary plans to visit us at the same time next year (including the Chongs)!!! I’m praying real hard for it to happen….

  2. Jean says:

    We are working on it too! Watch out for more pictures on this site. Justin’ll do it……..

  3. Jean says:

    It’s been great fun having the Tans here – like old times again. Ren is the cutest baby I’ve seen for a long while. So well behaved. My children now affectionately call him Reny. Erica waits for him to wake up every morning. Tim is asking when we can have a what he calls a “family reunion” – he actually means to the “Cult reunion”.

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