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Window Guard

Written By: Tuen - Nov• 08•07

Today, Shane from Sunguard Essendon finally turned up to apply a security film on the guest bedroom and toilet windows.  We had a bit of an incident with a flying beer bottle almost a month ago (see http://blog.tuenproductions.com/2007/10/13/reckless-endangement/).

After that incident, my sis felt it was important to try and have some sort of protection so the glass shards wouldn’t fly all over the place if it happened again.  It turns out that you can apply a plastic film on the window that would prevent the glass from shattering.  It would still break, but you wouldn’t have glass debris all over the place, and that was the important thing.  So my sis did some checking and contacted this company that does this security film thing; but it took them almost three weeks to finally come down and get it done. 

I watched the process and it was pretty simple; a little messy and you need the right tools, but essentially, it consisted of removing the backing from the film to expose the adhesive layer, applying water, sticking it on, and making sure you remove all the bubbles.  It took Shane almost 2 hours to apply the film to 6 window panes.  At one point, I was pretty amused watching him trying to remove the backing from the film using his teeth.  I almost wanted to tell him that that looked pretty primitive, but thought better of it.  :)

Anyway, now my sis can sleep peacefully in the guest bedroom.  Oh, it seems it takes about a month for the adhesive to fully cure, and we aren’t suppossed to touch the window until then.  Yay, 6 less windows to clean!

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