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Vineyard Visit

On Friday, the Tan adults (plus baby) and the Chongs visited Moet and Chandon vineyard in the Yarra Valley (Moet is pronounced with a hard T, because he was Dutch, not French, so all you wanna be winos, take note!).  It was pretty interesting and the place had a very idyllic atmosphere.  We stopped for lunch at [...]

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The Power of Photoshop

This was taken by my brother when he was here last week.  He used Photoshop.  Isn’t technology amazing? Before                          After

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‘Tis the Season to be Jolly

It’s been a busy week.  Lots of social and other events.  I’ll start by recounting what happened last Thursday.  Uncharacteristically, we had a thunderstorm over Melbourne (we are in a drought situation right now, so the rain was exceptional and welcome).  We were all at the indoor wavepool and the kids were swimming, when I noticed that [...]

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More family arrive

My parents and brother and sis-in-law arrived in Melbourne this morning.  So for the next two days, we have more close relatives here than in Singapore!

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Gambling Galore

On Wednesday, I took my sis-in-law and Melissa to the Crown casino for a bit of gambling fun.  Both Melissa and I lost money, but my sis-in-law made about AUD 75.  She was pretty pleased about it, and she was even hit upon by an elderly Indian gentleman…  And on Thursday, we invited June over [...]

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Getting Together Away from Home

On Sunday, we invited Robert and Julia and their 2 girls to lunch at our place.  Robert is Henry’s older brother, and Mary has known Robert and Julia since she was a teenager (she was their bridesmaid at their wedding).  It was such a co-incidence that our good friend Henry turns out to be Robert’s [...]

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Strawberries and Beach

Yesterday, we brought Mary’s mum, sister and kids to Sunny Ridge strawberry farm to pluck strawberries.  It was pretty fun for the kids, and I think we plucked about 2kg of fruits.  We also had strawberry ice-cream and chocolate coated strawberries. After the strawberry farm, we headed to Rosebud for the beach.  It was very [...]

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Visitors from Singapore

This morning, Mary and I set off for the airport at 5 am.  Her mum, sister, and her sister’s two sons were arriving for a visit.  Their flight was delayed for 3hours, which was fortunate for us, as otherwise, we would have had to wake up at an even more unearthly hour.  As it turned [...]

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Over the weekend, we had two social engagements.  On Saturday, we invited the Chongs over for dinner, because Tony’s mum, who is my aunt, is in Melbourne for a visit.  It was a small affair because the older kids in both our families had their own church function that evening.  It was the first time [...]

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Melissa’s Graduation Ball

On Friday night, we attended Melissa’s graduation ball.  It was a pleasant enough evening for the parents, but it truly was a ball for the girls.  They really let their hair down and danced their hearts out.  All of them looked so grown up and mature it was hard to believe that they were once [...]