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Busy Week

Written By: Tuen - Dec• 06•07

This week is a busy week in terms of the number of school functions we have to attend in the evenings.  On Monday, we attended Ian’s Speech Night, where all the boys receive their reports from their tutors on stage.  Of course, those who did well also received special prizes from the guest of honour.  Unfortunately, Ian did not receive any prize this year.  But one success he has had was to be chosen for the school’s aviation course.  Only ten students were selected and if he does well and passes this course, by the time he finishes year 12, he would have earned a pilot’s license to fly solo on a plane.  How cool is that? 

Anyway, back to the busy week; Tuesday we had a break, but on Wednesday, we attended Wen’s Carols Night at St. Patrick’s cathedral.  It was actually very enjoyable, as the ceremony was meaningful with prayers interspersed with carols, including congregational participation in the singing.  We brought baby along for this one. 

This evening, we had to attend Ming’s concert evening.  It was enjoyable, but unfortunately, Ming had a non-speaking 30 second part where he simply walked across the stage.  We knew that in advance so I did not even bother to bring a camera along!  We left after his part of the concert.  Yes, not very nice of us to not stay on and watch the other kids till the end of the concert, but hey, most other parents did that too! :)  

And tomorrow evening is Melissa’s Graduation Ball.  That one is a formal affair and I’ll probably write a post about it with photos after the event.

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