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Dinner at Maggie’s

Written By: Tuen - Dec• 04•07

On Sunday night, the day after we returned from New Zealand, we went to Maggie’s place for dinner.  Her husband was in town and it was an opportunity for a get-together.  It was a pleasant evening, but the highlight of the event was the amount of food Maggie cooked.  I guess one of the disadvantages of having a big family is that your friends hesitate to invite you over; and when they do, they have problems estimating the amount of food we would consume.  Our family members are basically small eaters.  But Maggie, being a typical hostess, wanted to make sure that we had more than enough to eat.  The result was enough food to last my family for at least 4 meals!  We ended up having to ‘ta pao’ the food back and ate the same thing for the next few meals!  :)

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