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Getting Together Away from Home

Written By: Tuen - Dec• 18•07

On Sunday, we invited Robert and Julia and their 2 girls to lunch at our place.  Robert is Henry’s older brother, and Mary has known Robert and Julia since she was a teenager (she was their bridesmaid at their wedding).  It was such a co-incidence that our good friend Henry turns out to be Robert’s brother.  Also, because Mary’s mum is here, and knows Julia pretty well, we thought it would be a good occasion to bring everyone together.  Robert and Julia are visiting from Singapore; they don’t live here.

The lunch was a barbie at our place, and apart from the flies, it turned out pretty well.

It’s pretty strange that when we are in far away places, we take the trouble to arrange a meeting, whereas when we are all at home, we don’t bother.  Both Mary’s mum and Robert and Julia live in Singapore, but have not met for ages and ages.  Yet when they are all away from home, they meet up.  A similar situation existed recently when an old friend of my sis was visiting Melbourne.  They both arranged to meet up.  But they both live in Singapore and hadn’t met for years!  :)

This is really quirky human nature! (photos here)

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