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Strawberries and Beach

Written By: Tuen - Dec• 14•07

Yesterday, we brought Mary’s mum, sister and kids to Sunny Ridge strawberry farm to pluck strawberries.  It was pretty fun for the kids, and I think we plucked about 2kg of fruits.  We also had strawberry ice-cream and chocolate coated strawberries.


After the strawberry farm, we headed to Rosebud for the beach.  It was very hot and at the beach where the sand started, there were lots and lots of flies.  We were all doing the Australian salute almost constantly.  But this particular beach has a very shallow beachhead, and we could walk about 300 metres out into the sea and (it was low tide) the water was only ankle or calf deep.  So we spent alot of time out there, and it was much nicer.  There was a nice breeze and there were no flies.  We brought our food out there to consume and I even brought the chair out and planted myself just before the water’s edge and had a nice relaxing time.  So here’s the hint: when going swimming at the beach in summer, get out as far as safety permits, and make your base there.  The flies will leave you alone.   Of course, baby had a whale of a time playing in the water.  We actually seldom go to the beach, but after this experience, we just might make another trip out this summer!  :)


Full photoset is here.

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