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‘Tis the Season to be Jolly

Written By: Tuen - Dec• 26•07

It’s been a busy week.  Lots of social and other events. 

I’ll start by recounting what happened last Thursday. 

Uncharacteristically, we had a thunderstorm over Melbourne (we are in a drought situation right now, so the rain was exceptional and welcome).  We were all at the indoor wavepool and the kids were swimming, when I noticed that the roads and carpark were beginning to flood.  I was standing there watching the water rise and trying to decide if I should move the car to higher ground.  Unfortunately, by the time I decided to act, the water level had already risen above the level where the car door meets the bottom of the car.  So when I finally waded to the car and opened the door, the water rushed into the bottom of the driver’s seat area!  Fortunately, that was the only area in the car that got flooded.  I had to vacuum the water out of the car later on!

On Saturday, both Mary’s mum and sis and my parents and brother and wife were around.  There was an overlap in the visits and hotel Wantirna was full (no room at the Inn, how Christmassy is that?).  My parents had to stay at a real hotel for two nights.  Anyway, on Saturday we decided to all go to Healesville sanctuary to see the animals there, followed by a visit to one of the vineyards for some wine tasting.  Unfortunately, the wet weather had not yet run its course, and we ended up being caught in the rain at Healesville.  We left after only a little while (wasting the considerable sum I paid for the entrance fee!)  We had a spot of lunch at Healesville town and my parents and I and the boys then went home whilst the rest went off to do a bit of wine tasting.  Pat wanted to buy some wine back for her hubby in Singapore.

On Sunday, Mary and I sent her mum and sis and nephews to the airport.  It had been a very nice visit by them, and we look forward to seeing them again in future.

Monday evening, we attended the 7pm Christmas mass.  It was packed!  It was a very nice service, but I was both heartened and disheartened at the same time.  It was clear from observation, that many present were not regular attendees at mass.  They didn’t know when to stand or sit, and many refused to kneel.  And many were making a lot of noise, treating the event as a social function, which I suppose is what they think the Christmas mass is.  I wanted so much to ask them why they turned up for Christmas mass.  Did they think this was enough to keep them Christian?  But of course, I didn’t ask.  After all, just because I attend mass regularly doesn’t mean I’m a good Christian either!  Judge not and thou shalt not be judged.  So whilst I was disheartened at the behaviour of some of the attendees, I was heartened at the turnout, which meant that there was still some contact with Christians who did not attend mass regularly.

After mass, we had a late dinner, together with the Chongs, at our place.  This was followed by the traditional distribution of gifts by my dad.  Photos will follow as soon as I get them sorted out.

On Christmas day, we had a lunch gathering; same crowd but this time at the Chongs’ place. 

And today, everyone has gone out shopping to take advantage of the post Christmas discount at all shopping centres!  I didn’t go myself, but spent the time trimming some overgrown hedges.  That’s it for the week’s update.

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  1. Hiz! It is your nephew, Gabriel, here commenting. :) Anyway, I thought that it would be more appropriate to respond to your Friendster comment on your blog instead of Friendster, since you seem more active here. :P

    Firstly, my mum, Nicholas and I (and probably Popo, too) would like to thank you and your family sincerely for the heartwarming and homely treatment given to us during our 2 weeks’ visit there in Melbourne, Australia. Hotel Wantirna was great! I personally thought that it was the best overseas holiday trip that I had ever gone for, since it incorporated the whole package of fun, comfort, enjoyment and relaxation, so no regrets. ;)

    Secondly, Nicholas and I want to thank you, Yi-Ma and our 6 cousins for the T-shirt that you gave each of us as a Christmas present. We have already worn them at least once ever since unwrapping them on Christmas morning. I really liked mine since it had a black-and-white (my favourite colours!) design. We also hope that they liked their Christmas gifts from us that my mum spent a fraction of her time shopping for. I guess she really wanted to get the perfect presents for my 6 cousins. :D

    And lastly, I just want to shout out once more about how good Australia is! Australia ROCKS for its people (for their friendliness and considerate behaviour), food (maybe all except the Fish & Chips we had… Sorry, Aussies!) and most definitely, the climate! :) Singapore lacks pretty much in two of these three areas, i.e. people and climate. Haha. Well, that was just my two cents’ worth.

    Just one more thing – a mini christmas-cum-year-end thanksgiving for you guys:
    Thank you, Yi-Zheung, for the splendid planning of our holiday activities, and for updating your blog every once in a while, so that my dad would know what we were doing in Australia.
    Thank you, Yi-Ma, for the 5-star hospitality that you gave us, while ensuring that we were enjoying ourselves at all times. Also, for driving us through long distances (like the Great Ocean Road) to bring us to the popular tourist attractions.
    Thank you, Aunty Natalia, for working ‘behind the scenes’, making sure that we had a work-free holiday.
    Thank you, Melissa, for the beautiful singing when we were bored travelling in the car.
    Thank you, Alphonsus, for taking me around shopping and including us in whatever you guys do.
    Thank you, Ian, for the mild sarcasm that turned out to be pretty funny. Lolz.
    Thank you, Isabel, for trying to teach me to do an inverted teardrop (still unsuccessful, though) and for the laughter that you bring to the unexpected scenes. Oh, and for all the mah-jong and dai-di, too!
    Thank you, Jerome, for playing around with Nicholas and I, and for the constant wins at ‘gambling’.
    Thank you, Julian a.k.a. Rennie, for being so cute and adorable and for the times when we played so crazily with Boohbah, Thomas the Tank Engine and the colourful cups. (Hopefully, you will read this when you are older. :D )
    Thank you, EVERYONE ELSE, for making our holiday trip so wonderful and forthcoming – a memorable trip of a lifetime.

    I miss everyone so much, especially Rennie! Hope to see you guys next year!

    Wishing one and all a Happy Christmas 2007 & a Merry New Year 2008! (:

    P.S. Could you send the original photos where all of us posed together as a group (both the beach ones, as well as those taken before we left for Singapore) to my email: gabz_rulez@hotmail.com? Thanks, in advance.

    Smilez Alwayz! =)
    God Bless!


  2. Tuen says:

    You are most welcome Gabriel! We were really happy to have you staying with us, and as I said in the friendster comments, your ability to look after and play with Rennie was incredible! :)

  3. GabZChris says:

    Haha. Yes, I miss you guys and especially, Rennie, very much. Oh, and I apologise for the numerous number of similar comments that you probably received. I tried submitting it several times, unaware that you had to approve of it for the first-timers commenting (Yi-Ma told me about it eventually. :P ).

    I hope you do not mind its lengthiness. I tend to get carried away with such ‘reflections’. XD