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Motorbike Madness

Written By: Tuen - Jan• 22•08

Hooray, I passed my motorbike practical test on Friday.  But the madness occurred on Thursday.  Back in Singapore, I remembered that when I had to use a helmet supplied by the training school, it was really icky, especially if you consider Singapore’s humidity and heat.  So I started thinking about my practical on Friday and the condition of the helmet.  I thought I would go down to the bike shop and maybe get myself a helmet at least, so I can have a comfortable practical ride and test.  Then I started thinking about why I shouldn’t just go ahead and buy my Honda Forza, since I was pretty certain of passing.  Well one thing led to another and I found myself putting down a deposit of AUD 500 for the bike, and buying myself a helmet, jacket, gloves and shoes. 

Of course, the wife’s face was pretty black after that, and I myself had a sleepless night wondering if I had made the right decision (the bike was not cheap).  Then on Friday morning, the Honda salesman calls up and tells me that he had given me the wrong price and that the bike I wanted was AUD 400 more than what he had quoted.  Well, I took that as a sure sign that my decision was wrong, and promptly cancelled my order.  Poor salesman.

Anyway, now that I’ve passed, I kinda wish I hadn’t cancelled!  I’ll probably just rent a bike for a day now and then to get my kicks.

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  1. christina says:

    guess which image comes to my mind every time I read your motorbike stories…HOUSE…do you follow the series? He’s like your age (ok maybe slightly older) with the grey hair etc and suddenly buys an orange and black motorbike one day….you’d probably look exactly like him when you are riding the motorbike….maybe heavier…… :)