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Thwarted by the Heat

Written By: Tuen - Jan• 03•08

It’s been very hot the last few days.  Last Saturday, because my dad had been expressing an interest, I decided that we should go for a short bicycle ride to Norton Park.  This is about half the distance of our usual ride to Jells Park, but I did not factor in the effect of the heat.  So my dad, Mary and I set off, with me towing baby in his cruiser as usual.  And as usual he soon fell asleep.  What was not so usual was that both my dad and Mary were totally winded and unable to carry on just short of Norton Park.  We had to stop in the shade under a tree for both of them to recover.  And Mary was feeling so bad that she had to lie down flat on the grass.  It was clear that she could not proceed, so I had to unhitch baby (who was still sleeping) and ride back to bring the car.  Fortunately, we were on a track that was accessible to cars.  When I returned with the car, I had quite a task trying to fit all the bikes and cruiser into the car.  I had to remove some of the wheels in order to get everything in.  Lesson learned: never go out riding in 37 degrees Celsius temperature if you aren’t fit, even for a short 4 km ride!

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