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Wattle Point Holiday

Written By: Tuen - Jan• 16•08

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On Sunday, we returned from a short holiday at a place called Wattle Point, which is in Gippsland.  We were there with the Chongs (all boys, as the girls are in Singapore) and Blaise came along as well.  We had quite a nice time there, and played Texas holdem poker and Mahjong.  The boys also did some sea sports, which was quite a lot of fun.


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  1. Clarence says:

    Reminds me of our littel incident in Bedok (?), all those years ago, which ended with Tuen yelling at the water-scooter vendors! Pity no video cam at that time. ;)

  2. Natalia says:

    what’s baby & Louie saying in the background?

  3. WEN says:

    they’re yelling at the swan!

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