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Baking Spree

Written By: Tuen - Feb• 03•08

During the past week, I was bitten by the baking bug.  I hadn’t baked for quite a while, but during the past few days, I’ve baked 3 butter cakes and a stash of butter cookies.  Plus yesterday, the Chongs and June came over to make pineapple tarts for the coming Chinese New year.  I think my interest was rekindled when Mary bought a handheld mixer.  Previously, I had been using a full food processor (which wasn’t dishwasher friendly) and the thought of having to hand wash all those parts put me off baking.  But with a handheld mixer, it was much easier to clean up.  Also, I now decided to properly fold in the flour, instead of machine mixing it in.  I must say the rise of my cakes now is much much better than before.

I think my interest was also rekindled because Mary obtained a new butter cake receipe from a friend, and she liked it very much.  I felt that my old receipe was pretty good, so I wanted to sort of ‘challenge’ the new receipe.  I also tried another ‘rich butter cake’ receipe from my trusty receipe book, and in my opinion, it’s better than Mary’s receipe.  :)

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