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4th Uncle

I forgot to post that on Easter Sunday afternoon, we also visited my 4th uncle (my mum’s brother) who is here on a visit.  He is staying at one of his daughter’s home.  4th uncle had recently lost his wife of over 60 years, and hasn’t quite gotten over her death; hence his kids urged [...]

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Citizenship Approval!

Mary, myself and the rest of the kids received the approval for our citizenship today.  Hooray!  Now, it’s just a matter of waiting for them to schedule the citizenship ceremony, which might take a few months.

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Holy Week and Easter Activities

Last week was a very active week for us.  We attended most of the Holy Week activities in church, beginning with the mass of the Last Supper, where there was the usual washing of feet by Fr. Pat, and the procession of the Eucharist to the altar of repose for adoration.  Isabel had a little [...]

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Citizenship Applications for the rest

Yesterday morning, our certificates of no conviction finally arrived from the Singapore Police force.  Mary and I needed these certificates before we could complete our applications for citizenship.  And since the 4 younger kids were riding on my application, they were also dependent on these 2 pieces of paper.  The reason they are needed is [...]

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Stations of the Cross

Today, we went with the Cheongs to Our Lady of Ta Pinu at Bacchus Marsh.  They have these large outdoor stations of the cross on a hill, and we went there to make the way of the cross.  We did this last year as well, with the Cheongs, Chongs, Chias and Teos and they had [...]

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Melissa’s Birthday

We celebrated Melissa’s birthday on Wednesday, the same day she received her citizenship certificate.  We went to a Thai restaurant off Coleman Parade called Rose of Thailand.  The meal was pretty enjoyable.  After that, Melissa went off with her friends to do some late night shopping, as it was Chadstone VIP night.  She stayed over [...]

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First Citizens

On Wednesday afternoon, our two older kids became the first Australian citizens in our family!  For various reasons, I shan’t publish too much information on this momentous event. 

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Fund Raising Walkathon

St. Christopher’s organised a fund raising walkathon yesterday afternoon, to raise funds for it’s Pallotine Youth Encounter and World Youth Day pilgrims.  It was quite a nice walk, and I brought baby along in our bike cruiser, which doubles up as a walker as well.  The Chongs and Chias were there as well, although Henry [...]

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