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Holy Week and Easter Activities

Written By: Tuen - Mar• 24•08

Last week was a very active week for us.  We attended most of the Holy Week activities in church, beginning with the mass of the Last Supper, where there was the usual washing of feet by Fr. Pat, and the procession of the Eucharist to the altar of repose for adoration.  Isabel had a little role to play at this mass; bringing up a container of oil.  On Good Friday, we attended the afternoon service where there was the adoration of the cross.  Of course, we had to fast and abstain, and I had my usual practice of staying up till after midnight so I could gorge on chocolates, which I had given up for lent.

We also attended the Easter Vigil mass, where almost everyone of us, except for Mary and baby, had some duty or other to perform.  The boys were altar servers, Melissa was a reader, I was the commentator and Isabel had a role to play ‘unveiling’ the Alleluia banner.  After the 2 hour mass, we celebrated Easter with a Japanese dinner at Sakata restaurant.

On Sunday, the kids attended mass again because they had to sing in the choir, and in the evening, we had a dinner gathering at our place with the Chongs (minus Cath and Connie who were in Queensland), the Chias (who left early because Henry got sick!) and James.  June’s mum is a great cook and contributed some delicious dishes.  I baked custard cream puffs for the occasion (they were very nice, if I do say so myself).

And on Saturday, before mass, I even managed to squeeze in a short ride on my scooter.  I rode to Jells park and thoroughly enjoyed the ride.


And today, we went out to lunch at a restaurant called Yam Cha, and I rode the bike there, so that we needn’t take two cars.