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Karaoke Night

Download Video On Saturday night a week ago, St. Christopher’s held a karaoke fund raiser at the church hall.  We attended the event together with the Chongs and the Chias.  Our kids had quite a bit of fun singing. Another video can be found here: http://blog.tuenproductions.com/?page_id=330&preview=true

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Jie’s 18th Birthday

Download Video Last Friday evening, Jie celebrated his 18th birthday.  His actual day was on the next day, but because we had a Karaoke night in the church hall on Saturday night, he decided to celebrate it the night before.  He did wait until after midnight to cut his cake though, so technically, his celebration [...]

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I’ve finally upgraded my Treo mobile phone.  And now, I’m feeling a little guilty.  I bought the HTC Touch Cruise, which is a bit pricey, but a really fabulous gadget.  Ostensibly, the reason is that my old Palm Treo cannot take the SIM card from Three, which is the telco that most of my kids [...]

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Last Saturday, we travelled up north to a place called Funfields at Whittlesea.  It is about an hour’s drive away and features an alpine toboggan, Go-karts, water slides and other fun rides and games. The whole family went and we spent about 4 hours there.  It was a bit cold and there were two short [...]

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