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Written By: Tuen - Apr• 12•08

I’ve finally upgraded my Treo mobile phone.  And now, I’m feeling a little guilty.  I bought the HTC Touch Cruise, which is a bit pricey, but a really fabulous gadget. 

Ostensibly, the reason is that my old Palm Treo cannot take the SIM card from Three, which is the telco that most of my kids are using.  That means that if I sign up with Three as well, then my calls within the Three network are free (up till a certain limit).  Considering that mobile charges in Australia are ridiculously expensive (It’s cheaper, using the same telco, to call Singapore, than it is to call my kids’ mobiles right here in the same State), I thought that this would save me money in the long run.  But of course, I guess the true reason is that I just couldn’t resist this new toy.  Sigh.

This also marks my move away from the Palm platform to the Windows mobile platform.  Hardcore Palmies would consider that I’ve crossed over to the dark side; but hey, Palm Inc. themselves crossed over and created the Treo 500 and Treo 750 which are all Windows mobile based.  Go figure!


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