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Jie’s 18th Birthday

Written By: Tuen - Apr• 21•08

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Last Friday evening, Jie celebrated his 18th birthday.  His actual day was on the next day, but because we had a Karaoke night in the church hall on Saturday night, he decided to celebrate it the night before.  He did wait until after midnight to cut his cake though, so technically, his celebration was on the right day.

He invited about 30 friends over and they seemed to have had a good time.  There was too much alcohol going around though, and some of the kids got pretty drunk.  The low point of the evening was when someone, I don’t know who (there was no confession) vomited all over my toilet bowl and floor.  Guess who had to mop up the mess at 12.30am!  I have my suspects, but without a witness and not bothering to do a DNA test on the mess, I have no choice but to forever not know who messed up my loo!  :)  

Other than that, the party went quite well.  There was even a table of Texas Holdem poker tournament going on.  Congrats to James, the big time gambler and eventual winner, and to Blaise, the runner-up.

So, now my son will want to make his first visit to the casino and the pub, not necessarily in that order…