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Lims’ Visit

Written By: Tuen - May• 26•08

The Lims arrived on 27th April for a visit, and we had a great time together!  It was really wonderful that they could be here to share our 20th Anniversary joy with us.  In the process, they also bought up most of the shops in Melbourne!  :)

Apart from spending time together, we also introduced them to some of our friends here.  Henry has now promised to find Merv a job when they finally make their move over here.  Of course, we also brought them to the Chongs’ home for a visit and a meal.

On the Wednesday following their arrival, we went to the Werribee Open Range zoo together.  It was quite interesting, especially the Lion enclosure.


Full Werribee photos here.

Of course, the Lims were present for our Anniversary celebrations (see previous post) and at the weekend following the anniversary, we went to a beach resort with the Chongs, called Inverloch, which is on the south west coast of Victoria.  It was quite enjoyable, and we managed to spend about half a day at the beach, even though the water was a bit too cold for swimming; but of course, the little baby doesn’t quite understand what it means to be cold yet!  And on Sunday morning, some of us even managed to get up on time for mass!  That was quite a feat… :)

The Lims even managed a side trip to Philip Island on Sunday evening to see the famous penguins.  Jean had visited the place years ago, alone, and this time, wanted the family with her for the experience.  Merv took the car, and I think he sped all the way back to Inverloch.  I’m still waiting to see if I get a speeding ticket!  :)


Full Inverloch photos are here.

On the day before the Lims’ departure, we took them to Sassafras for tea at Ms. Marple’s Tea House, where we enjoyed the ambience and the good food.  We had a little bit of time to shop around the little village but then had to rush off to catch the departure of Puffing Billy (Melbourne’s last remaining steam engine pulled train, I think).


Full Sassafras and Train photos are here.

And that same evening, we had a farewell dinner for the Lims together with the Chongs.  It was at Sakata Japanese restaurant, and we had Teppan Yakki.  It was pretty fun, with the chef tossing eggs and rice at us. 

Alas, all good things come to an end, and on Wednesday 7th May, just after 11 short but wonderful days with them, we had to say goodbye.  It was quite sad to see them go, and we hope that they will be back soon, either for a visit, or to live permanently here!


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