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East Link Ride

Written By: Tuen - Jun• 25•08

On Sunday 15th June, I went with Jie to ride the 30km Eastlink Fun ride.  The Eastlink is Victorial’s newest Highway, and will be opening on 29th June.  In order to promote it, the operators organised the great Eastlink ride and invited cyclists, inline skaters and pedestrians to take part in riding/walking the new highway.  Originally, I signed up the entire family for the ride, but in the end, only Jie and I took part. 

It was pretty fun but boy, was it crowded.  The organisers had expected 5000 cyclists, but about 50,000 turned up in the end.  At one point, it was so crowded that we could only push our bikes along instead of riding.  At the end of the day, including pedestrians and inline skaters, over 100,000 people turned up; which was a phenomenal success but caused chaos in terms of the organisation.  Anyway, I’m glad we went.


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One Comment

  1. Mummy and Daddy says:

    It brought to mind the experience we had cycling in 40 % C heat?
    Last night at the dinner with 8th Auntie, Eli and Ah Ling etc, Gern related the story of this foolhardy incident. No regrets. Baby slept through it I think, oblivious of what happened.

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