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Baby’s First Movie

2 Sundays ago, the day before Mary’s birthday, we decided that the whole family would go and watch the movie ‘Mama Mia’.  Back in Singapore, we had watched Mama Mia as a musical play, and we had enjoyed it quite a bit, so we thought we would go and watch the movie version and see [...]

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Karen’s Wedding

Last Thursday, Mary, baby and I flew up to Sydney to attend an old friend’s wedding.  Karen was a schoolmate of ours from our days in Catholic Junior College, and she had spent the last 20 years living in New Zealand and Australia.  She met Greg at work in Melbourne several years ago and last [...]

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World Youth Day

For the last few months, I had been busy preparing and attending events relating to World Youth day 2008 in Sydney.  I was on the main support committee for the Pallottine Youth Encounter which took place at Milgrove, as well as for organising our youth to attend the main event at Sydney.  I had been [...]