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Baby’s First Movie

Written By: Tuen - Aug• 28•08

2 Sundays ago, the day before Mary’s birthday, we decided that the whole family would go and watch the movie ‘Mama Mia’.  Back in Singapore, we had watched Mama Mia as a musical play, and we had enjoyed it quite a bit, so we thought we would go and watch the movie version and see how it compares.

The movie was pretty good, but quite a different treatment from the musical play.  In the play, the main character was the daughter, whereas in the movie, the main character seemed to be the mum; maybe because her role was played by Meryl Streep.  And it was pretty funny listening to James Bond sing (Pierce Brosnan – he can’t, by the way)!

But what was really funny during the movie, was the reaction and behaviour of little Ren.  He was pretty excited about going to the movie with us; his first.  He is of course, always excited to go out with us, especially when the whole family’s together, but I think he did not know what to expect from the movie outing.  He was sitting quietly during the first forty-five minutes or so, trying to watch and understand the movie.  But soon, it became clear that he was becoming restless.  There were just too many songs, and of course, the storyline evaded him completely.  So toward the end, it was quite funny watching him restlessly waiting for the movie to end, yet not really making any noise or moving around too much. 

At the end of it, when we asked if he enjoyed the show, he said yes.  But when we then asked if he would like to watch it again, it was hilarious watching him trying to find a way to say no without negating his earlier response that he enjoyed the movie.  I think in the end he said something like yes he wants to see it again, but not now, later.  He was being so diplomatic about it.  It was quite obvious that he didn’t really enjoy the movie, yet because he thought he ought to have enjoyed it, he said he did; but no way was he going to sit through another screening of it! 

Even now, when we tease him about going to watch Mama Mia again, he would quickly smile and say ‘yes, next time’.  I doubt not that there will never be a next time for this movie!  :)