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Karen’s Wedding

Written By: Tuen - Aug• 13•08

Last Thursday, Mary, baby and I flew up to Sydney to attend an old friend’s wedding.  Karen was a schoolmate of ours from our days in Catholic Junior College, and she had spent the last 20 years living in New Zealand and Australia.  She met Greg at work in Melbourne several years ago and last Friday, they finally tied the knot.  The wedding took place at the church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Parramatta, and the wedding reception was held in the evening nearby, at Belhaven Manor.

It was our first ‘Aussie’ wedding, and we found it quite interesting, especially the reception.  We paid particular attention because it won’t be too long before we need to organise our own wedding receptions!  The bridal party (which did not include the parents) sat at a long table facing all the rest of the guests, who were at round tables.  I was told this was so that everyone could get a good look at the bride and groom.  We had a 4 course western dinner, and it was interesting that there were two different varieties for each course, served alternately to guests.  I guess you could always exchange or share if you weren’t happy with the dish served to you. 

There were the usual speeches and toasts (no yam sengs) followed by dancing.

We were at the same table as some other old friends from Singapore; Gerard and Wendy, and Freddy and Livia.  We had earlier had lunch with them before the wedding mass. 

Baby had a great time, and was even dancing.  In fact, he made friends with the flower girl Heather (Karen’s niece) , and Heather tried quite a few times to invite Ren to dance, albeit unsuccessfully.  :)

The visit to Sydney was otherwise uneventful except for one harrowing experience.  We were staying at the Mantra Parramatta, and decided that we could comfortably take a train to the airport, as we were taking a domestic flight and needed only to be at the airport about 45 mins to 1 hour before the flight departure.  Little did we know that that particular Jetstar flight we were on, was taking off from the international terminal, which meant that we had to be there about 90 mins early.  We only found this out at the domestic terminal when we tried to check-in.  That started a mad scramble to get to the international terminal.  We had to take a taxi, and of all things, the silly taxi driver dropped us at the wrong end of the terminal.  I ran to the check-in counter only to be told that I was too late, especially since I had luggage that needed to be checked in.  Thank goodness that when Mary and baby finally caught up with me at the counter, they must have noticed Ren and decided that they could be a little bit lenient and finally let us check in with our luggage.  We barely made it to the plane on time! 

All in, it was a nice break with old friends, good food and nice wedding.  And baby seemed to have enjoyed himself as well.  Photos can be found here:



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  1. Natalia says:

    Haha…trust you not to check out terminal before hand! Ren’s hair is getting long…

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