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Our first Footy Match

Written By: Tuen - Sep• 09•08

We’ve often been told that we aren’t true Melbournians until we adopt a footy team to ‘barrack’ for.  Well, not only do I not have a team I support, up until 2 Sundays ago, I didn’t even know the rules of footy.For those of you who aren’t familiar, footy is short for football, which is again short for Australian Rules Football, which is in itself a misnomer, because the game is played more with hands than feet.  It is sort of a cross between Rugby and Soccer, and is only popular in Australia, in particular Victoria. Well 2 Sundays ago, the Chias took us and the Chongs to our first footy match.  I must say it turned out to be quite interesting, and at least now I know the rules of footy, and can meaningfully follow a match on TV.  The match we saw at Telstra Dome was between St. Kilda’s and Essendon (both Victorian clubs) and St. Kilda totally outclassed Essendon.  The match itself was not unlike a soccer match at the Singapore National Stadium, except for more people and louder and more spirited cheering.Well, it was an experience that most of us enjoyed, and I can now say that I’ve watched footy.  Will I go again?  Not on my own, and only if it’s a group outing. 


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