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Stolen License Plates!

Written By: Tuen - Sep• 14•08

Two Saturdays ago, we had another unfortunate experience.  Around midnight, I received a telephone call from a police officer from Knox Station.  At first, I thought it was a prank call (Clemente was my first suspect!).  The conversation went something like this: 

“Hello, is that Justin Tan of …..”


“This is officer so and so from the Knox Police station.  Do you own a 2005 silver Toyota Tarago?”

“Er… yes.”

“Do you know where your car is right now?”

I’m thinking, what the heck kind of question is that?

“Er… yes, I think it’s parked on the road in front of my home”

Actually, because we had friends over, the car was parked quite a bit away from the house, which made it a perfect target for the thieves.

“Do you know if your license plates are on your car, because we’ve received a report of a petrol theft by someone driving a red car with your license plates”

At this point, I realised this could be a serious phone call and I went out to check.  True enough, both my license plates were gone!  We had driven the car back less than 3 hours earlier so the theft had just taken place.  Replacing the license plates wasn’t much of a hassle, but we had to change the registration number and I had to inform the insurance companies etc.  

Now I have to try and memorise our new number!  Sigh.

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